Office & Commercial

Office & Commercial

With the average employee taking 5 days off a year due to sickness, it is time to address the poor hygiene in offices that could be exacerbating the issue. Clean4u offers a wide range of cleaning services and specialist surveys to guarantee that the office environment is up to your standards by the end of service. 

A clean office not only improves the physical well-being of your employees, but it can massively improve the mental well-being and productivity of your staff. Our staff are fully trained and equipped to handle an office or commercial premises of any size. We can provide general cleaning services, such as:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Recycling and Bin Management

We can also offer deep cleaning services in key areas, such as:

  • Sanitising frequent touch points (keyboards, phones, and handrails)
  • Bathrooms
  • Share kitchen spaces

All these commercial cleaning services are carried out to a high standard by our specially trained teams and are available during regular hours or after office hours, it is down to your discretion. Whatever the time, we will be on hand to provide a thorough, personalised clean.

If you want to give your office a polished look, get in touch today.

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